Sunday, August 11, 2013


If you didn't know, the PGA golf tour was in our town over the past week or so. I really have no desire since watching golf is like watching paint dry....but, it's been a big deal in these parts.

Anyways, my friend Megan came out from Buffalo for a visit yesterday because her husband and parents went to the PGA for the day. So, she brought her kiddos and we spent the afternoon together, which was very nice! And as an added bonus, my Mom came out in the late afternoon and spent the night! Let's just say the kids were in their glory!

We got in lots of play time...
Cassandra and Leigha


The kids always want to climb this ramp....
Megan stayed until around dinner time. Then my Mom cooked us a nice meal and we just hung out the rest of the night. This morning she loved up her little girls before she had to head home!

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