Friday, January 20, 2012

T Minus 1 Week....

In one week from now, we will have another baby.

One week.

Yes, it could be earlier than that, but no matter what, in one week he/she will be here with us.

I can't wrap my head around it.

Today I took Avery to my doctor's appointment-the last one she'll be accompanying me to. In fact, my doctor told me I could cancel next week's appointment since I'm scheduled for the c-section on Friday. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to-if I should go or skip it. So, today  might have been my last check up.

Then I took Avery to our last story time before baby.

And we're gearing up for our last weekend as a family of three.

It's weird having an end-day in sight. It's hard to explain, but it's just a weird feeling.

Physically we're ready-the room is as ready as it's going to get at this point. I want to put up shelves, but we don't even have any yet so I know that's not going to happen anytime soon.  Baby's laundry is done and clothes are put away. My hospital bag is packed and pretty much ready to go. Bottles, etc have been cleaned and put away in the cupboards.  My body is ready to be done-just not comfortable lately and ready to have this baby out.

Mentally I don't think we're ready. Can you ever be?!

It's a weird mix of emotions this time around. Of course we're excited to meet this baby (and know what it is!) and have it in our lives. I'm nervous about how Avery is going to do with the whole transition-with me not being home a few days, adjusting to the baby, etc. And part of me is sad that these are the last few days that my baby girl will be just that-my baby girl. Yes, she'll always be my baby, but she'll now be sharing the spotlight with another. She won't be getting 100% of the attention on her now which will be a change for everyone. And of course I already feel bad for #2 because he/she will never ever have 100% of the spotlight like Avery did. I also am nervous about the whole newborn stage again. It feels like forever ago that Avery was a newborn and honestly I don't remember it much (hello sleep deprivation?!). It'll be hard getting used to sleepless nights again and really not being able to nap this time around since Avery doesn't really nap anymore.

It's going to be an adjustment, that's for sure.

I have a week (at most) to prepare for it....

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