Monday, January 30, 2012

Week One

We have officially survived our first week as a family of four!

Gabe had the whole week off last week which was such a huge help!

Wednesday was coming home day (ironically on my actual due date)!  I can say that this time we were ready to come home! With Avery, we wanted to stay (and have help) as long as we could in the hospital, but this time we were ready to get out of there!  I missed being home with Avery and of course you don't really get much sleep while you're in the hospital because someone is in your room every hour or two to check on something!

So Wednesday late morning, we got packed up and ready to head home!
My Mom was convinced I was having a boy-hence the boyish outfit! I still love it!

With her hat and booties to keep her cozy!

I just had to get a shot of her little toes and hands. This girl has the longest fingers and toes I've ever seen!  Hopefully she'll use them for something good-future piano player?  And hopefully she grows into them a bit!

In her carseat and ready to go! She looks like a peanut in her carseat (versus Avery on coming home day!)!
Avery and my Mom were waiting for us when we got home! Avery immediately wanted to show Cassandra all of her toys and play with her!
Sorry it's turned!

And the big sister wanted to hold the baby as well. I somehow missed this happen-I think I was taking a nap. But look at that girl's face! Could she be any happier?! I guess while she was holding her, she sang to her as well. Gabe recorded it and I watched it later-yes I bawled my eyes out!

Our first night home went well. It took Avery a little longer to get to bed at night because of all of the excitement. Cassandra did well overnight-woke up every 2.5 hours or so to eat then back to sleep.

Thursday we sent Avery to daycare like usual. Gabe did some running around during the day and I was home with the little one. Took a little nap and just relaxed most of the day.

Thursday night was hell. Gabe and I got a total of one hour of sleep! Yes, ONE hour!  Cassandra was in some funk where she'd get up to eat then would fall asleep. We'd put her down in her crib and 10min later she'd be up again acting like she was starving-she was "rooting" like crazy!  This happened all.night.long.  We tried giving her a pacifier and she would take it randomly, but not for long.  Then the kicker? Avery decided to wake up at 5am and so Gabe went in to be with her and it took a few hours to get her back to sleep.

Let's just say that Friday was a very rough day! Avery was miserable from being so tired (yet still didn't take a nap!) and Gabe and I were like zombies all day long!

Cassandra had a checkup at her doctor's that morning.  Everything looked great! When she was discharged, her weight had dropped to 6lbs. 3oz and on Friday, she was up to 6lbs. 8oz! So that was good news!  She was a great patient-didn't cry once the entire time! And Avery brought along her doctor kit to play along during the check up as well. She'll be going back in another 2 weeks for a routine check up.

Here's a cute picture of her from Friday:
Friday night went a little better than Thursday night. Cassandra was up every 2.5-3 hours and some of the time she took longer to fall back asleep. We definitely got more than one hour of sleep though-more like 5 or 6....enough to be functional!
Saturday we went and got our carseats installed at a local fire station. The one fireman let Avery look in the fire trucks and everything-she had a blast!  After, we stopped by Gabe's parents' house so that they could meet Cassandra! 5 days later and she finally got to meet them! It just happened that when we showed up, all of the Aunts and Uncles were there too so they all got to meet her! It was a very nice visit. 

Cassandra did great Saturday night-I think I somehow got 7-8 hours of sleep! I felt like a new woman! When she would eat, she'd go right back to sleep every time! Good girl! Now if only it would stay that way!

Sunday I decided to take her first monthly photos (the hat courtesy of the hospital):

My Dad came out around noon to visit for a few hours. We had lunch and they got to eat up the baby and Avery.  Doesn't she look ridiculously small in his hands?!
Papa and his girls

After my Dad left, we decided to give both girls a bath since they were way overdue for one!  I gave Cassandra hers and Gabe did Avery's. Since her cord is still intact, we just did a sponge bath on our bed on a few big towels. She screamed her way through it but I think it was because she was cold (despite me covering her up and just washing parts at a time). But boy do I love a clean, soft baby!

Soapy head

All clean!
Gabe went back to work today which bums me out. It was so nice having him home. Avery went to daycare so at least I only have to take care of Cassandra today. My Mom will be coming out tonight and spending the week with us. It'll be nice to have another set of hands around here for a few more days!!

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