Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coming Home!

Tuesday came and we were happy to be going home. We enjoyed our hospital stay and all of the help and guidance that came along with it, but we were ready to be home in our own beds! After filling out some paperwork, we got the room all packed up, got Avery (and myself) dressed for the first time in several days, and we were on our way! We left the hospital around noon or so and had a pretty uneventful ride home-it's only about a 5min drive to our house and Avery slept the whole time!

Here's a pic of Avery in her going home outfit from Grandma B.:

Avery in her car seat-which makes her look like a tiny peanut!

When we got home, I took a shower and life at home began! I think we fell into a good routine so far and have been adjusting well. The hardest part is getting used to no sleep, but I think your body adjusts to it and you go on somehow. We've been trying to nap when we can, but it's hard for me-I always have something I want to get done or am just not tired. I have to try to get better at that!
The evening we got home, Gabe's parents dropped by for a short visit:

After Avery pooped through her new outfit, we put her in this cute duck one:

And she tried out her swing for the first time-she seemed to like it!!

You may be wondering how Jerri is holding up through all of this! She was a little skiddish when we brought her in the house, but overall has been very good. I'm surprised at how much she ignores Avery and just carries on with her own thing. The first night she acted sort of "motherly" and would sit up when Avery cried and sat outside of her nursery when I was in there. It was sweet. Since then, she really hasn't done much or shown much interest which I guess is good. I think she was just happy that we were home again!

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Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

She is so adorable & wow what a head of hair she ha!