Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't had a chance to post yet this week so I'm sort of catching up today while little one is (sort of) sleeping.

Monday I took Avery out a little bit to do some running around-we went to Target to get a few things and to JC Penney's to pick up her pictures (which are so darn cute!) and to the pet store to get Jerri some more food. Avery did great-she slept pretty much the entire time so it made running around pretty easy....although she is quite heavy in that car seat already! I have no idea how I'm going to pick her up when she gets bigger-yikes!
This is a cute picture I took Monday of Jerri and her "buddy" that comes to visit frequently. I came in the back room and they were both lying there looking at each other-it was so cute!

And here's Avery looking cute as always that day!

Tuesday Avery had her doctors appointment. She was awake all morning starting at 8:30am. Her appointment was at 1 so I thought she would nap by then-nope! She was awake when we got to the doctors and of course started screaming when he came in! Luckily I had her pacifier with me and it worked like a charm! Anyways, Avery is up to 9lbs. 4.5oz already! Everything looks great so we're set for another month!!

Yesterday and today we've been home-trying to get a few things done around here. Just getting myself showered and dressed before 1 seems to be a chore most days. Today Avery's been pretty fussy everytime she's tired so I've been quite busy entertaining her and trying to get her settled. I had a little sad moment today-I packed away all of her newborn sized clothing! Most of them are very tight on her and she has a TON of 0-3month and 3month sized clothing she needs to get wearing. So the newborn stuff is put away-which makes me sad that she's getting big already! Well, I hear little peanut waking up...time for her to eat!

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Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful daughter.