Thursday, July 9, 2009

7/8/09-A Day of Chaos

Yesterday, 7/8/09 was a day I'd rather not experience again-it was quite chaotic to say the least.

The day started with me changing Avery's diaper and in the middle of it, she shot poop about 4ft across the room-her dresser was covered, her stuffed animal was covered, she hit the wall and it was dripping down the wall. In the midst of trying to wipe some of it up, she peed everywhere! Not a good way to start the day. We were trying to get ready because my friend Renee was coming in from Buffalo for a visit with her Mom.

So, Renee and her Mom get here and they're here not even 5min and we hear my Mom break a glass in the kitchen (which has become a good habit of hers). We ask if she's ok and she was like "I don't know, I think I need help." I'm holding Avery and go in the kitchen to find glass everywhere and blood all over the floor! We got a chair for her to sit in and she's just gushing blood from her foot. I call Gabe at work pretty much in tears not knowing what to do-I can't drive still from my c-section and there's no way I'm having my friends drive her to the ER. So here's Gabe on his 3rd day back to work and he has to leave to come home and take Mom to Strong Hospital! She really couldn't walk because she had to keep pressure on her foot so Gabe carries her to the car. As I'm coming back into the house, I trip up our new steps and get scrapes on both legs!

The rest of my visit with Renee was nice-no more chaos for a little bit. Here's Renee holding Avery:

Here's Renee's Mom, Connie, with Avery:

This is a cute pic of Gabe burping Avery when he stopped home after taking Mom to Strong:

After Mom got home, we went to Gabe's parent's house for dinner (she insisted we still go even though she was in pain). His sister and the kids came over too so I took a few more cute pics of them with Avery.
Here's Bianca with Avery in her car seat in the background:

Here's Bianca leaning over the car seat checking Avery out:

A cute one of Owen, Gabe and Avery:

Camille holding Avery and Owen giving Avery a kiss (how precious!):

So the chaos continued at dinner. I went up to feed Avery and in the middle of changing her diaper, she peed everywhere again-all over her outfit, changing pad, you name it (can you tell she's good at this?!).

To top it off, Avery did not sleep at all that night-maybe 1-2 hours at the most! Every time I fed her she was wide awake and looking around. She just would not go to sleep! So on top of the chaos during the day, Mommy got hardly any sleep that night! Like I said, a day I wouldn't want to experience again in the near future!

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Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I am sorry that you had such a tough day...hang in there!!