Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Visit Day

Yesterday was another busy day of visitors.
I woke up to a voicemail from my Dad saying he was on his way over-so I got in the shower right away. My Grandfather had come in from Las Vegas the night before and wanted to see the baby. So, my Dad, Grandpa and Colleen all came over around 10:30 and stayed until around 3:30. They had some good quality time with Avery and we had some Wegman's subs for lunch (YUM!). I was so happy my Grandpa got to meet Avery. He's 81 years old and we see him maybe 1-2 times a year so I'm glad he got the chance to be here shortly after her birth and see her as a little peanut.

My Grandpa recently got into using Web TV for "internet" type stuff-sending emails, etc. So while he was here he was trying to look up something on my computer. Gabe always said he wishes he could see him surf the net, so I had to take some pics of it since Gabe was at work:

Here is our famiy pic of 4 generations of Battaglia's...Grandpa, Dad, myself and
Avery. Think we look alike??

That evening, we had more company. My cousin Joe was in from Florida so him and his sister Kim came out from Buffalo along with her 3 kids-Kayla (my Godchild), Matthew, and Nathan. They stayed for dinner and to visit a bit. It was great seeing all of them since we don't get to see them very often. We last saw Joe in March on our trip to Florida so it's been a few months. Again, we maybe see him 1-2 times a year so it's great seeing him when we can. I haven't seen Kim and the kids in awhile either so it was nice having them come along as well!
Here's Kim with Avery:

Kayla with Avery:

Joe with Avery:

As of now we don't have any other visitors planned. It was great seeing everyone so far and I'm happy Avery has gotten to meet so many people so far!

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