Thursday, March 12, 2009


Who would think that when you're thousands of miles from home, you would have visitors?! It just so happens that my cousin, Joe and his wife, Eileen moved down to FL in November. So when we decided where we were staying, I let him know and was curious to see how far he was from us. It turns out they live only 20 minutes away from Hollywood! I was looking forward to seeing him since we don't see each other much anymore-maybe once or twice a year. When we were kids we were pretty close so it's nice to see him when I can.

When we got to FL on Monday, Joe stopped by after work for a few hours to meet everyone and chat. Then on Tuesday, they both came to the house for some pizza. Afterwards, we went to this place called Jaxson's for ice cream. Let me tell you, I LOVE ice cream! So this place was like heaven on earth for me. The portions are just enormous, which you'll see from the pictures. We were seated right near the area where the waitresses pick up the finished ice cream so we got to see a lot of the stuff they make-it's all huge, and all wonderful!
This is a picture of us at Jaxson's-me, Joe and Eileen-just about to dig into the ice cream: My father-in-law (with his ice cream monstrosity) and nephew:

Gabe with his Oreo sundae:

When we got home from Jaxson's, our niece was passed out cold on my mother-in-law...too cute not to take a picture of!

On Wednesday we had more visitors!! Our Uncle Francis and Aunt Connie (on Gabe's side) have a place they bought down in FL and happened to be there for the month. They are about 45min north of where we stayed so on Wednesday they drove down to see our place and hang on the beach with us. After, we went to La Plage for dinner-there was no one there which boggled us-the food was great! The rest of the week we would laugh because the restaurant was almost always empty-we got all excited when we saw people eating there.
Here is the crew at dinner-me, Camille, Aunt Connie, Uncle Francis, Gabe Sr.

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