Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Carly!!

Yesterday we went to Carly's 1st birthday party! Carly is the daughter of our friends, Julie and Richie. She was actually born on Leap Day last year so they decided to celebrate it on the 28th since she won't have a "real" birthday for another few years! It was a very nice party-everything had a Sesame Street theme to it which was cute. We had lots of yummy snacks followed by pizza and wings. Then came the presents and cake!! Here is a pic of her cake:
Carly showing off a new hat and sundress she got-sitting with her Mom, Julie:This is when everyone was singing to her-I think she knew it was all about her!Again when we were singing:She was so funny with her piece of cake. It was a pretty good sized piece and she just picked the entire thing up and started chomping away at it! Too funny!Tasting the frosting:The messy face that followed:And the really messy end result-she even had frosting up around her eye! She was too cute!We hope you had a wonderful party, Carly! We had a great time! Happy 1st birthday and many more to come!!

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