Friday, February 27, 2009

23 Weeks

Today I'm at 23 weeks. I'm still feeling pretty good-no complaints. I haven't worn maternity clothes yet, although I know it's coming soon-I'm having a problem with shirts being long enough now and my pants have been held up with the rubber band trick for awhile now. Most maternity stuff is still a little big on me, but in the next few weeks I'm sure I'll make the transition. I think I've popped again this week-I had a few patients at work finally say something so I know I must be showing now. It amazes me how people make comments just assuming you're pregnant. Instead of asking, they just say "so when are you due?" It makes me want to play along like I'm not pregnant just to see the reaction on their face! I just would never have the nerve to say something like that to someone just in case they really aren't pregnant. I'll never understand people I guess! Here are my pics from today:

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Anonymous said...

you can get a belly band at any maternity shop too! They are great for saving money on maternity pants!