Tuesday, February 10, 2009

20 Week Appt/Ultrasound

So today I had my 20week appointment and ultrasound. My appointment went well-they are pretty quick and easy so nothing really new there-just a weight check, urine check, blood pressure, hear the heartbeat. That's about it. But so far so good with that! I met the last of the 3 doctors yesterday and they all seem very nice so I'm happy about that.

Gabe met me later in the day for my ultrasound (most likely my last one). We told the tech we didn't want to know the baby's sex so she avoided the area. It was very cool-she showed us the arms, legs, spine, heart, brain, umbilical cord, hands, feet and face. We had them record it on a DVD for us so that's nice to have. The cool thing was that you could see baby moving around this time-we saw the mouth open and close and you could see it moving its hands and feet around. It was very cool. Gabe asked her at the end if she knew the baby's sex and she said she was pretty sure she did. So apparently Gabe and I are no good at deciphering ultrasounds!!

My next appt. is in 5 weeks (one week late due to our trip to FL) and I also have my one hour glucose test that day as well.


Katie said...

Cool stuff, huh? I loved hearing baby's heartbeat and seeing him during my ultrasounds. Pregnancy was the coolest experience. It's amazing what our bodies can do, isn't it?

Nicole said...

Yes it sure is!