Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Registry

Gabe and I went to register for the baby yesterday. We decided to register at Babies R Us and it went pretty well. I was partially excited about it and partially dreading it-mainly because I remember how long our wedding one took us to do. But I did save us some time and got some very helpful tips from a book called Baby Bargains. My sister-in-law, Molly, recommended it to me so I bought it a few months ago. Let me tell you, it's very helpful. They review every major purchase you'll make (mattresses, cribs, dressers, car seats, etc) and give you their recommendations, or the best bang for your buck. They get their reviews from parents who use the stuff every day-thousands of them email the book company and that's how they come up with their recommendations. Anyways, it definitely was a time saver-I book marked a few pages in the book and in the back they have a sample registry that basically gives their top choice for each product. We basically picked out most things based on what they said. And I have some wonderful friends and family who gave their input as well. We ended up being there about 2 hours-not too bad I guess. I've been adding a few things online here and there as well-but I'm finding their website to be very unuser-friendly. Seriously, do I need to click on 10 subcategories just to look at cups? There has to be an easier way! But I'm glad the chore is done, or mostly done at this point!!

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