Monday, February 2, 2009

First Stranger Comment...sort of

So I got my first stranger comment today-but I'm not really counting it. The reason is that the woman who said it sees me every week in class at the gym. I've never talked to her (so she is a stranger) but I've seen her there every week for at least a year-probably a lot longer than that. So today before my class she came up to me and said "When are you due? How far along are you?" I told her I was just about halfway through and due in June. She said "I saw you in class Saturday and noticed you didn't do the ab workout so I wondered if something was up. But I really can't tell unless I really look at you. You look fantastic!" From then it turned into "is this your first, what are you having, etc". I guess it'll really hit when a complete stranger who doesn't see me regularly says something to me. After I was thinking to myself "what if I wasn't pregnant and just injured myself or something? How could you jump to the conclusion that I'm pregnant?" Then I remember that some people just say what's on their mind, right or not. I bet she would have felt like a jerk if I said "Due? I'm not pregnant!" Haha!

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