Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Car is Back!

Gabe noticed at least 6months ago that the hood of my car was a little messed up-the paint was bubbling off of part of the hood-not good! When I went for an oil change at the dealership, I showed it to the guy. He said it looked suspicious, but of course the manager needed to look at it-and he wasn't there that day. I tried stopping by there 2 other times and the manager wasn't there either of those times either. So I went for my car inspection last week and made sure he was going to be there that day. He checked out the hood and said there was a definite problem with it-most likely rusting or something wrong when it was manufactured. The good news? It was covered by warranty. The better news? They were replacing the entire hood! Not just buffing it out and repainting it, but taking the whole thing off and giving me a new one. Apparently they've never seen anything like this so they were going to send my hood to Toyota to have it analyzed! I dropped my car off on Monday and have had a loaner car since-they just happened to give me another Prius-newer model but very basic. After a few days, I missed my car. They called today to say my car was done so I went and picked it up-looks brand spankin' new! And I'm glad to have my own car back :)

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Nanette Henriquez said...

Whoa, that was definitely a very unique situation with the hood of your car! It's a good thing the shop thought to get it sent to the dealer so that a deeper investigation could be done. Here's hoping that your car hasn't had any other major problems since you got it back!