Friday, February 6, 2009

Whoa....Halfway There

(Whoa, living on a prayer)

Sorry-had to throw that good ol' Bon Jovi in there! So today I'm officially halfway through my pregnancy-20 weeks! It's hard to believe it's halfway over already. I have my next appointment on Tuesday and also my ultrasound Tuesday as well. It would be the one where we find out the baby's sex, but we're not going to find out-we're going to have it be a surprise. But it'll be nice to see the little munchkin again! I've been feeling baby move daily now-a little bit every day which is neat. I'm still wearing normal clothes at this point, but am doing the unbuttoning of the pants for most things-in a matter of a week most of my stuff went from fitting fine to no-way-in-heck am I buttoning those! It's funny how that happens. Maternity pants are still too big on me though so I'm in that in between stage at this point. I'll update more after my appts on Tues!

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