Monday, February 16, 2009

Holy Demolition Batman!

We recently had a new project started in our house. In the back of the house we had a family room (many, many years ago it used to be a garage) and it's been something Gabe has been wanting to change since he moved in almost 8 years ago. So, last Monday, the guy we found started the demolition of the room!

Here are some pics of the room before:

Facing our backyard: Facing the neighbors (moving counter-clockwise around the room from above):
Facing the front of the house:Facing the front of the house/driveway:Ceiling:
These pics are after day 1 of demolition. Above our drop ceiling was another ceiling that had some recessed lights in it. Here the insulation is still in as well. These pics mirror the above ones, starting facing the rear of the house and moving counter-clockwise.
Facing the backyard:
Facing the neighbors:Facing the front of the houseFacing the front of the house:Facing the driveway:

These next photos are what the house looked like after Friday (5 days of demolition). The second ceiling was removed, and all new insulation was put in both in the ceiling and walls. All of the old insulation was completely removed and replaced, new electrial wires were ran, and some recessed lights were put in.
Facing our backyard:Facing the neighbors:Facing the front of the house:What was a closet:Facing the driveway:Today, they started putting up the drywall in the ceiling and part of the walls-we didn't take any pictures of it yet. I'll keep posting as the project progresses-they said about 2-3 weeks of work time. One week down, maybe 2 more to go!

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