Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ah the weekend....

Why do weekends go by so darn fast?! Friday we didn't do much-I went to the gym after work then we went to Wegman's to do our grocery shopping-we figured this weekend it would be a zoo with people Superbowl shopping so we got it done early which is nice. Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning. After that we went to my friend Julie's house and hung out with her, her hubby Richie and their daughter, Carly. It was nice to see them and hang out for awhile-we ordered some food for takeout and they gave us lots of good baby advice! And Carly is so darn cute-she'll be 1 at the end of February and is just a doll! When we got home from there, my Mom was here for a visit. We went to my sister-in-law's house to see them and the kids for a bit then we went to Orien's for a bite to eat. I mentioned this place before and it's a great place. This time, we tried some of their food as well. I had a salad with almonds and cranberries on it-it was very good, but small for the price I thought. My Mom had a chicken salad sandwich which was incredible! Next time I'm definitely getting that! We all had some gelato of course-Mom and Gabe both had Sette Veile which was a chocolate and hazelnut concoction and I had Biscotto Oreo which basically tasted like oreos and was very yummy! When we got home we watched the movie "88 Minutes" which was really good. My Mom left today around noon and we've been doing some cleaning and stuff around the house. Tonight is the Superbowl so all of the in-laws are coming over. We're making homemade pizzas and some snacks-it should be a good time! Then back to work tomorrow :(

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