Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nursery Progress

So we started on the nursery back in the beginning of December-picking out paint colors, etc. We knew it would take us awhile to get everything done that we wanted to in there, so we started extra early to make sure it would be ready for baby's arrival. Before, the room was just a spare room-we had a bed in there (which we ended up selling) and a dresser I had from my Mom's house and some of Jerri's stuff was in there too. Here are some before pics (we had painted one wall to see what the color looked like):

facing rear of the house-closet on the left:view from the bedroom door:
Opposite view from above:
first wall painted:So far, we have all of the walls and ceiling painted. Gabe also rented a sander and sanded the floors to refinish them. He also tore down all of the baseboard, trim, and doors in the room to have them stripped. We bought the stain to stain everything, but haven't done that yet. We're having a guy come to do some work on the lighting in the room so we're waiting until he finishes that to stain and seal everything. Here are the current nursery pics:
walls and ceiling done, baseboard removed:

facing rear of house (closet on left):Ceiling before (painted but old lighting):view of the door, test strip of new stain on floor:floors sanded, test strip of stain:close up of floor-sanded on left, new stain on right:floors again, Jerri checking things out:I'll be posting more pics as we progress with the room-the new lighting is in as of now, but it's not sanded, painted, etc. yet. Once we get more updated things in place, I'll post more photos!

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