Sunday, February 8, 2009

Buffalo Recap

We went to Buffalo over the weekend for a visit. Friday night, Gabe and I celebrated Valentine's Day a little early. We went to Left Bank for dinner-our fave Buffalo restaurant and also where our first date was. It was fabulous as always!

Yesterday Gabe ran some errands and I went to Target to look around a bit. Then we went to Jacobi's for dinner with my Mom. We go here pretty frequently and the funny thing is, no one is EVER there! Some bar patrons, but never anyone there to eat. And the food is really good too! We usually get a bunch of things and share-this time we had a large pizza, chicken fingers, fries and a small salad-all very yummy. After dinner, Gabe and I met Megan and Todd at the movies-we went to see "Taken"-it was a really good movie. We haven't been to the movies in close to a year so it was nice to go out and see one for once, even though the prices are getting ridiculous. After the movie, we all went to TGIFriday's-the guys had some drinks and the two preggo ladies had ice cream sundaes!

Today we relaxed this morning then met my Dad at Olive Garden for lunch-another place I haven't been in years. I just had the unlimited soup and salad combo they do-it was good-I ate way too much! Then we headed home and here we are just relaxing a bit. I'll probably run to Wegman's (woo hoo) and hang out the rest of the night gearing up for work tomorrow.

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