Friday, September 19, 2008

Yay Weekend!

TGIF-gotta love it!
If you live in Rochester, you have to try this cafe called Orien's. It's on Long Pond Rd and has amazing Italian food (pastries, cookies, gelato, etc.). I went with my sister-in-law last night and we had some gelato-it was sooo good! They had about 20 flavors and they all looked so good. Definitely a place to try out!
Not much going on this weekend-I'm meeting a girlfriend for coffee tonight, picking up Gabe at the airport (yay!) at midnight. Tomorrow we'll probably hit the public market with Gabe's parents and our niece and nephew. Then I think we're seeing some friends during the day. Gabe is heading to Virgil, NY tomorrow night to help "pace" his friend who's running a 100 mile race (yes, you read correctly-this might be another topic to write about....). So he'll be gone tomorrow night and part of Sunday. Nothing planned for me while he's gone-maybe run some errands, but that's about it. Sunday is pretty open-just relaxing a bit. I'm just glad for the weekend-except for they go by way too fast!

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