Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feels Like Fall

So another weekend is coming to an end-and boy did it feel fallish this weekend-a little cooler than we're used to and not very pleasant outside at all. Just makes me think of what's to come-ugh-I don't even want to think of it!
We went to Buffalo this weekend to see my family. Got in Friday night for a home cooked meal then went to my friend's house and played some "Scene It"-a very fun game! Yesterday we were pretty much waste products. I think we watched TV for like 6 hours straight-I can't remember the last time we did that! I never heard from my other friend's so we really had nothing going on. Then we went to pick up our proof book from our photographer and somehow the CD of pictures was in there! Whether or not I was supposed to get the CD, I don't know (personally I think it was a mistake) but I seriously think I'll be able to print out whatever pictures I want now which is very exciting to me. After that, Gabe, my Mom, and I went to DSW and then to My Tomato Pie for dinner. Came home, watched some TV then went to Anderson's for ice cream-yum! Today we were up super early-Gabe went to the Bills game with some friends so I went and dropped him off at 830am! So we were up quite early to get him there in time. This was his first experience tailgating and I think he enjoyed it-the group he went with brought a deep fryer to do wings and fries, plus hamburgs and hotdogs along with it. Unfortunately for them it rained for parts of the game and Gabe had no rain gear so he got soaked! I felt bad for him since he doesn't go to games often. They still had fun though-it was the home opener too and the Bills won so all was good. Yet another sign fall is here....while he was at the game, I went to my Dad's for a bit-had a yummy breakfast and hung out a bit. Headed back to Roc around 3, went to Weggies, and that's about it! Just relaxing the rest of the night to gear up for another work week.

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