Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My "Baby"

I feel like I need to introduce our other family member on here! She is our cute cat named Jerri and she is a little over a year old. How did we come up with her name?! Well, I know it has something to do with Seinfeld. Gabe and I were in a habit early in our relationship where we would refer/call each other Jerry. That sort of died out, but we said if we ever had a pet, we would name it Jerry. Of course since the cat is female, we went with the more female spelling!

We had no intention of getting an animal. I've always had animals growing up-fish, hamsters, then finally a cat. When I moved to Rochester, I had nothing-so it sort of felt odd not having an animal to come home to. Last summer, Gabe emailed me and said a coworker of his rescued some kittens from a guy. He was dropping them off at a barn to go into the wild-and probably for them to die-they were only 4 weeks old. She happened to see him and took the kittens-she decided to keep them and find them good homes. So of course when I saw the email, I had to see the kittens. I was all for getting one, Gabe wasn't too thrilled with the idea. So we went out that night to see them-and ended up bringing one home! When we got there, there were 3 left-one orange one, one grey one and a calico. The orange one was somewhat claimed (and got picked up while we were there) so really it was just 2 left. We decided on the grey one and brought her home. I know Gabe would have taken the orange one had we had the option.

We were so unprepared for her arrival-we had a carrying case from Gabe's old cat, but that was it. So that night, I was out buying food, a dish, litter, and a box for her. But I didn't care-I was so excited! She was a problem kitty at first-was at the vet a lot-she had a respiratory infection and runny eyes so she was there a few times for that. Then we had to get her shots and spayed too. She was 5 weeks old when we got her and so tiny-she was 2lbs at her first vet appt.! So now she's a little over a year old and just too cute. Gabe has grown to love her as well. She's pretty playful and is obsessed with this one blanket we have-she loves sleeping on it! Wherever the blanket is, that's where you'll find her sleeping. She usually sleeps with us at night too which is so cute. I just love coming home to an unempty house now-and she always keeps us laughing! Here are a few pics of her growing up:

This is her when we went to pick her up (she's the one on the left):

One of my favorite kitten pics of her:

Sleeping on Gabe's lap:

Helping me carve the pumpkin for Halloween:

Exploring the fridge:

Sleeping on her favorite blanket last month:

Isn't she just the cutest?!

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