Saturday, March 7, 2009

All My Bags Are Packed.....

....and I'm ready to go (Yep, that's "Leaving on a Jet Plane for ya!). I'm pretty much all packed for our trip to Florida. And man, was it the longest packing ever! I literally had to try on everything I'm taking which was not fun. I procrastinated and waited until today to do it and it was very time consuming. No more just picking out what to wear and packing it-those days are gone for now. So today I spent a few hours trying on clothes to make sure I had stuff that actually fit me! But it's all done and I just have my last minute toiletries to put together in the morning.

Tomorrow we drive to Buffalo-I'm going to try and see Jessica and baby Connor while I'm there. I think we're going to have dinner with my Mom, Aunt Pat and Gabe's parents. They're driving in tomorrow as well since we're all flying out of there Mon. morning. So it should be nice-we haven't been to Buffalo since Valentine's Day so it's been awhile. Then Monday we're off for 6 nights of fun and sun!! Yay-I can't wait! I'm hoping to meet up with my cousin Joe while we're there-he moved there in November and is about 20miles from where we'll be. So that'll be cool to see him as well!

My guess is that I'll post updates for the week once we get back-I don't think we have internet access while we're there-we'll see how it goes!

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