Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy Day Off!

Gabe and I decided to take today off to regroup from vacation. We landed in Buffalo around 3 yesterday then went to my Mom's for some early dinner. We came home and unpacked, but neither of us was ready to go back to work already. So Monday off it is! It ended up being a busy day. We were up early to meet with our first pediatrician-it went well. We have one more to meet with on Wednesday this week and we'll decide between the two. After that, I had my OB appt. I was there over an hour because I had to do my glucose test as well. It wasn't as bad as I thought and all is going well so far!! We're good to go for another month. After my appt I came home to have a snack and then went grocery shopping since we had no food in the house. I was going to go to my usual workout class, but it was so beautiful outside that Gabe and I decided to go for a walk instead. We went about an hour and it was nice-I love being outside when you've been cooped up all winter. After dinner we finally did some relaxing and got ready for work the next day!


Katie said...

What'd you think of the glucose test? It wasn't as bad as I was winding myself up for.

Nicole said...

I agree-the stuff wasn't that bad tasting-I thought it was going to be disgusting, but it was just like very sweet pop.