Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching Up

It's catch up day on here-after being home for the week, I spent most of the week back-posting about our trip so I haven't really put current news on here. So I figure I'll do a catch up post and then go from there!

Wednesday this past week we met with a 2nd pediatrician. It was a tough decision, but Gabe and I both agreed to go with the 2nd one we met with. It's not as new and flashy as the first office we went to, but we felt more comfortable with the doctor at the second place. It's a slightly smaller practice (4 docs compared to 7) and you're guaranteed to see a doc everytime you go in-as opposed to possibly seeing a NP or PA instead. So I'm glad that's finished-our next big decision will be daycare-which we meet with in April.

Friday we went to Buffalo for the weekend. My Great Aunt Anna (Grandpa's sister) passed away back in December and they didn't have a service for her then-she was living out of town and most of her family is out of town so they decided to wait a few months until most could travel in for it. So the mass and breakfast were on Saturday morning. My Grandfather flew in from Vegas for the week so we got to see him twice over the weekend which is nice-he hasn't been in since our wedding in July. He plans to try to come back this summer to meet the baby, so hopefully all goes well and he can make the trip back here then. By the way, he's predicting it's a girl! Saturday night we met our friends Megan, Todd, Renee, and Paul at Friendly's for some ice cream and to catch up. Then today we just hung out at my Mom's before heading home-we stopped at Gabe's parents for dinner and are now home to watch The Amazing Race. Then starts another work week...woo hoo!

So, I think I'm pretty much caught up at this point-I can't think of anything else exciting that happened during the week to post about!

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