Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quiet Weekend?

Well it's the weekend! Last night we took Avery for her first photo shoot. We took her to JC Penney's to have newborn photos taken. Of course our eating schedule got messed up so she wanted to eat right in the middle of it and was screaming! The woman was nice and let me feed her then we continued along with the photos. They turned out cute and we'll have them in a week or so. Unfortunately, they don't post them online so I don't know if we'll be able to share them at all.

We really have no plans for the weekend at all. The Corn Hill Arts Festival is this weekend so maybe we'll go to that. I don't know. We like going to it and Gabe's friend Cordell is an artist and has a booth set up there. We'll see-it'll be tough taking Avery with us, but maybe we'll give it a shot. We'll see how we feel when the time comes! Other than that, nothing planned-probably will just be a quiet weekend at home.

And today Avery is two weeks old already!

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