Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Date Night

Tonight was our first date night without the baby. My Mom came in from Buffalo to babysit so that Gabe and I could go out for our anniversary. We decided to try a place right near our house that we've never been to. It's called Max Chophouse. We knew it was a nice place, so we saved it for a special occasion.

The restaurant was very nice-pretty small but cozy. We each had a salad to start-I had a lettuce salad with cherries, candied walnuts and cheese-very tasty. Gabe had an iceburg wedge with blue cheese and bacon. We each had a steak for dinner-I had a 6oz filet and Gabe had a ribeye. The steaks come a la carte so we ordered a side of mac n cheese to share (it was a special for the night and was good!). Of course I had to get dessert!! I had the apple crisp and Gabe had gelato-both very good. We had mentioned to our waiter that it was our anniversary so he brought us over some champagne with dessert which was very nice. We'll definitely go back-the table next to us ordered cheeseburgers (yes, at a classy steakhouse) but let me tell ya-they looked fantastic! So we'll be going back to try those one of these days!!

In order for date night to take place, we either had to time dinner around Avery's eating schedule or give her a bottle while we were gone. Gabe did give her a bottle overnight on Friday and she took it like a champ! Of course I didn't get any sleep because of it-I was worried she wouldn't take it, wondered if I'd still need to feed her, and to be honest, my boobs were killing me so I had to get up and pump anyways. So the overnight bottle thing?! Not the greatest idea unfortunately. Anyways, we left my Mom a bottle for her if she needed it while we were gone and she did-and Avery did very well with it again-so that makes me happy! And she had no problem breastfeeding in between so that's great! Hopefully it stays that way!

Here are a few pics of her from the past few days:
On the ottoman after I fed her:

On my Mom's shoulder-too cute!

Shots of her cute outfit-a onesie and cropped pants (sorry they're rotated-they do it when I upload and I can't figure out how to fix it!):

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