Saturday, July 25, 2009

Erin and Paul

Today we drove into Buffalo for our first trip since having Avery. My friend Erin was having her wedding reception so we were attending for our first big night out. We've gone out twice for dinner without Avery, but this was a big night since we would be gone several hours without her. (All went well by the way!)

Erin and I met in high school while working at Putt-Putt. When I transferred to Buffalo State, we were both going for a Biology degree so we ended up taking a lot of science classes together and being lab partners. We had some good times. While at Putt-Putt, she was dating a guy named Paul, who I went to middle school with-yeah, small world. Anyways, her and Paul are still together-yes, 13 years later and they finally tied the knot!

They officially got married on July 17th down in the Bahamas so this was their at home wedding reception. It was held at Banchetti's banquet hall in their outdoor grove. I had been there before because I used to work at Rizzo's but I had never been for a wedding. It was very nice. Erin and Paul had everything island themed-they had blender drinks, tiki torches, etc. It was very nice! Gabe and I had a good time and it was nice having a night out as well!

Here are a few photos from the reception...
Erin and Paul before getting announced:

Cutting their cake-I was in a really bad spot:

First dance:

Congratulations Erin and Paul! May you have many years of happiness!

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