Monday, July 6, 2009

Flying Solo...for a day

Today is Gabe's first day back at work. I'm flying solo at home with Avery, but just for today. My Mom is coming out tonight and staying until Friday to help out while he's at work. So that'll be nice. I'm still sort of limited on some things I can do (no driving until the weekend, limited stairs, limited lifting, etc) so it'll be nice having an extra set of hands around the house. We did ok today so far-Avery napped enough for me to shower and eat breakfast. I fed her again and she fell asleep so I've been doing a few things around here-including this! I'll probably feed her again and if she sleeps, I'm going to take a nap along with her. We're doing pretty well so far, but do miss having Daddy around the house! And I'm sure Daddy misses us while he's plugging away at work.


Molly said...

Um...I heard daddy was at the casino;-)

Kiki said...

HAhahaha,good one Molly! lol Nicole looks like although you had a few bumps,all is great! Your darling daughter is beautiful and you and Gabe will be wonderful parents.
Congratulations and much love~