Monday, July 6, 2009

More Visitors!

We had a week full of visitors!
On Wednesday, my Mom and Aunt Pat made the drive out for a little visit. They of course brought a ton of food for us for the week-a pan of lasagna, some homemade soup and some pasta with broccoli-yum!! And they also brought along many nice gifts from people-we got so many cute outfits for Avery to wear!
Here are some pics with Aunt Pat:

On Thursday, Gabe's friends, Randy and Cordell stopped over for a visit. They brought along some very cute outfits for Avery!
Here is Avery with Cordell:

Sunday was a pretty busy day-my Dad and Colleen came in for a visit. While they were here, our neighbors Dan and Kate stopped over. When they all left, Gabe's parents came by and so did his sister and her family. It was the first time Owen and Bianca got to see Avery and I think they loved her to pieces! They were very good with her. It was quite the busy day and Avery was awake for most of the visits which was good.
Here is Avery with Mark, Molly, Owen, Bianca, and Gabe:

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