Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Hospital Stay

I gave birth at Highland Hospital here in Rochester. Since I had a C-section, we stayed longer than for a vaginal birth. I was admitted Thurs night, had Avery Sat early morning and we were discharged Tues afternoon. So we spent several nights in the hospital.

Overall I was very pleased with things. All of the nurses and doctors we encountered were very nice and pretty helpful overall. The food was just ok-it's hospital food, what can ya say?! They had a breakfast buffet for us everyday which was pretty good. Lunch and dinner was brought to me everyday-that food was just ok.

Here's a pic of Avery getting wheeled to our room-#336

The maternity ward was pretty dead the entire time we were there. When we got to our room Sat morning, they apologized for giving us a small room. Apparently when you have a c-section they give you a bigger room for some reason, but she said they were full when we got admitted. Boy did that change! The rest of the time we were there it was like a ghost town. We would take walks down the hallway and room upon room were empty-it was strange! Very quiet, but peaceful which was nice. Overall I think we were very happy with things there-no major complaints about anything.

We had quite a few visitors as you can imagine!
Sunday we had visits from....
Grandpa B. (my Dad):

Grandma B. (my Mom):

Grandpa D. (aka "Pa"-Gabe's Dad):

Grandma D. (Gabe's Mom):

Aunt Molly (Gabe's sister):

Another family photo:

A pic of Avery in her cute little hat. I guess they have volunteers at the hospital that knit these hats for all of the newborns. They are so cute! We ended up with two of them-this pink one and one that's white with some purple in it.

A cute shot of Avery in my lap:

We had more visitors on Monday too!!
My friend Katie who was in town (in Buffalo) from Omaha. Her and her Dad made the drive out to visit us which was so nice of them to do!!

My friend Megan (Noah's Mom)who also drove in from Buffalo:

Our friends, Richie and Julie (Carly's parents):

Another cute pic of Avery after nursing:

A great shot of one of Avery's first smiles-too darn cute!

A pic of Avery after her second bath in the hospital-she hated every minute of it!!

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