Sunday, June 14, 2009

Project #2 Done!

Yes folks, the nursery is finally finished!! Baby held out long enough for his/her room to be ready. Well, she/he can arrive now because it's all done and ready! If you go here, you can see the last time I posted about the nursery...yes, way back in February! We've done a lot since then which you'll see in the photos.

The one last thing we were waiting on was our crib, which finally came over the weekend. I was waiting on that so we could arrange the furniture, hang shelves, and then decorate. It was cutting it close, but thankfully it all worked out for us. And I LOVE the way the room came out! Gabe did 99% of the work so he gets all of the credit for this awesome room! So are you ready to see it?!

Ceiling fan installed and in ceiling speaker installed, 3 recessed lights installed:

View of the room's entrance (I'll note that all of the trim is the original trim that was stripped of the white paint and restained):

Looking into the room:


Area rug:

Tall dresser:

Tall dresser, new windows, new blinds:

Area near the closet-new glider and ottoman:

Long dresser/changing table:

Another angle of long dresser:

So what do you think? I think baby D. is going to LOVE it!!


buffalojoe said...

Nicole and Gabe,

The place looks great! I especially like the area rug and the refinished wood. Did you do the same around the window? We can't believe the big day is so near. Be safe and hang tough :)
Joe & Eileen

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

The nursery looks awesome!!