Monday, June 8, 2009

"Naked" and Surprised!

I feel naked today....

Today is the first day without my wedding or engagement ring on. I've been wearing them daily and noticed in the past week that my fingers have been swelling a little bit. Some days more than others, but I always could manage to get my rings off at night (I don't sleep with them on). Well, today I went to put on my wedding ring and there was NO WAY it was going on. So I had to suck it up and go without them. I hate it! I keep feeling for them and when they're not there, I panic thinking I lost them. Then I remember I didn't wear them. Yet another piece of me is missing now :(

I had my 37 week doctor appt today and got a surprise-an unexpected internal! They had told me they start them at 38 weeks so I wasn't expecting it until next week. But everything is going is in position and the head is engaged. My cervix is closed, but thinning. The doctor (not my usual one-she is on vacation) kept making me nervous throwing out comments like "So, I see you have only a few days left", "Are your bags packed?", "Are you ready to push?", "If the baby likes it inside, I guess we'll see you next week". Yes, I know I can go at anytime now, but to hear someone else say it makes it sink in and sort of freaks me out! This is the part that's hardest for me, the not knowing when or how this baby is going to come. It's definitely stressful, that's for sure!

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Molly said...

Haha! I though you were naked and something surprised you...LOL! I htought you should be used to that belly be now!