Friday, June 5, 2009

37 Weeks

So today I'm officially 37 weeks which means that the baby is full term at this point! I'm now going to the doctors weekly. I went on Wednesday with nothing really to report. I go again on Monday for my next one. I'm still feeling good-I've been getting stomach aches here and there for the past week-just feeling nauseous at times then it goes away. Other than that, still about the same-swollen ankles, sore back at times. I'm sleeping ok still and overall am comfortable so it's going well. It's just hard to believe that it's June and it's the month of the due date already! I can't believe we really could have a baby at any time now-it's kind of surreal! Next weekend our crib is (finally) getting delivered so once that's in, I'll take some nursery pictures and show it off. Then I think we'll be all set to go!

Here are today's pics-of course after eating a big dinner which I'm sure makes me look bigger than I am!

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