Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh Jerri!

I had to put this up because it's too funny. Jerri is the pickiest cat ever! My Mom's cats eat anything you put in front of them-meat, chips, pancakes, etc. They're like dogs! Jerri? Not so much. She snubs steak, passes on the chicken, will eat tuna only when in the mood. What does she eat besides her dry cat food (she snubs the canned stuff as well)?! Cheesecake, cheez-its and doritos!! A girl after my own heart-junk food all the way! So last week, Gabe was having some doritos and she jumped up on his lap and was nosing around. He held one out to her, and she went at it-licking all the cheese off! I snapped a few pics because I thought it was so darn cute!! Silly Jerri, doritos are for people!

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