Monday, June 1, 2009

Project #1 Done!

Well, one project at our house is completely done. I know I haven't updated on our back room or the nursery in a looooong time, but there's reason for that. Our back room is 99% done-we're waiting on the guy to come back to put up our crown molding and another guy to patch up some carpeted areas. Other than that, it's finished. I'm just waiting on those things before I take the "after" pictures. And as far as the nursery goes, we're waiting on the crib and glider. Once those come in, we can finish hanging wall shelves and decorating. Again, waiting on that stuff to happen before I take pics.

Now for the finished project....our front steps. We have brick steps out front and they have been deteriorating over the past few years. This year they got really bad-the bricks were falling off of the steps and crumbling like crazy-not good! We wanted to just get them repointed, but several masons that came told us it wouldn't solve the problem and we would need to replace everything and start from scratch. So, we decided to get it done after a few months of having estimates, etc. The mason took awhile to come and get started, but as of today, we have nice new steps! Yay!

I forgot to take "before" pictures somehow. The first set of pictures are after he did the demo of the bricks-so you can see basically what was underneath:

And these are the new steps-I love the pattern he did on the top step. Before they were just in a straight line and now they have this nice herringbone pattern to them:

Hopefully I'll have more house updates soon-we're just waiting on everything and everyone else at this point....

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