Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family Room Update

You may remember awhile ago we were in the middle of remodeling our back room. I haven't updated on it in awhile since it took us awhile to get to where we are right now. Gabe had to do 2 coats of drywall primer before we could paint, then he had to prime and paint the ceiling and then paint the trim and walls-lots of work!! We took these pictures on Thursday night so they're not 100% current, but pretty close.

Facing the neighbors-new speakers put in that will go on either side of the TV:

Facing the backyard and driveway side:

Facing the driveway-one speaker installed on the left side:

Ceiling shot of recessed lights:

Facing neighbors-new speakers (and Jerri of course!):

Entrance to the room-no closet anymore!

New closet doors:

Gabe's toys stored in the closet:

Friday we had the ceiling fan installed and a light put up in the closet. The speakers are all put in now as well. This weekend, Gabe rearranged the furniture and put most of the stuff back in the room. Left to do....finish a little bit of painting and put up crown molding that we're ordering. After that, I think the room might be officially done :)

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