Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh No!! 3-0!

Not only was yesterday Easter, it was also my 30th birthday! That's part of the reason we were house hopping so much too. To celebrate, Gabe surprised me with a dinner Saturday night at The Melting Pot in Buffalo. My Mom, Aunt Pat, Megan, Todd, Renee, and Paul all came with us and surprised me there. It was a really good time. We had our own private room which was great! We all ordered their "Big Night Out" which is a 4 course meal of fondue. Since there was 8 of us, we had 3 fondue pots so for each course we got to try 3 different choices which was nice.

For our cheese course, we tried the spinach artichoke, the Fiesta cheese, and the Quattro Formagi. They were all pretty good I thought. For dippers, they gave you bread, tortilla chips, apple wedges, and veggies.

Salads came next and we each got to pick our own. I had the California salad which had tomatoes, walnuts and gorgonzola with a raspberry type dressing-it was very tasty.

For our main course, Gabe and I chose the Fondue Feast which had the least amount of seafood for me! It had filet, pork, sirloin, shrimp, chicken and little pasta pockets. It was pretty good-probably my least favorite course though.

For dessert we had the original chocolate fondue, the pecan turtle, and cookies and cream. The original and turtle were the best I thought. For dippers, they gave you strawberries, bananas, rice krispy treats, brownie, cheesecake, marshmallows. It was really yummy!

Overall, we had a great time-the presentation of everything was really cool and it took us almost 3.5 hours for all of the courses! Definitely takes some time, but it was fun! I don't know if I'd go back for all of the courses (it's pretty expensive), but I'd definitely go back for the cheese and chocolate courses-yum!!

My birthday was very nice-I got a lot of wonderful gifts, including a new camera! My last two posts (29 weeks and Easter) were taken with the new camera and I'm excited to have a new "toy" to play with! As for turning 30? I don't think it has hit me yet. I definitely thought I would be depressed about it and it hasn't phased me yet. I think with so much going on (house stuff going on, being pregnant, etc) I haven't had much time to dwell on it. Maybe it'll sink in someday :)

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