Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When Boredom Strikes

When you're bored, what do you do? Me? I LOVE to bake. The problem? Baking = food I don't need to eat! I have plenty of mixes at my house right now-brownie mixes, cookie mixes, bread mixes, etc. I'd love to bake them, but then I'd have to eat them. Not so good! Yes I could take them to work I guess, but that's not as fun as eating it yourself :)

So tonight I was in the mood to make something. What I had no idea, but I wanted to make something. After doing some rummaging, I had my idea....chocolate covered raisins and nuts! See, we don't really eat much Easter candy (I'm talking the huge honking rabbits and stuff) so it tends to sit around awhile. Well, one rabbit got slaughtered by my microwave tonight! I had a can of mixed nuts and some raisins so in the melted chocolate they went! I spooned them onto a pan lined with foil and they're currently chilling in the fridge right now. So when I'm craving the salty, sweet combo I love, I'll have something to snack on! And by the way, my Mom and I are known for melting chocolate and finding stuff to add to it! We call it our "concoctions"....yeah, that's probably how I put on 10lbs a few years back! Too many concoctions!

So do share, what do you do when you're bored??


Molly said...

Nicole, I brought some chocolate rabbits to work, but one of my coworkers gave me a good idea similar to yours. She would keep the rabbits in the freezer and then when she made cookies, she would add shaved chocolate.

Nicole said...

That's a good idea too! I've used some of my rabbits for shaved chocolate as a topping for cakes, etc.