Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Feel Like a New Woman!

Today folks, I cleaned the house! This is monumental because I haven't cleaned the house since our demolition started! So yeah, it's been about 2months! And when you're almost 7 months pregnant and nesting kicks in, it feels good to clean! See, all of the furniture from the back room was moved up front, which is where we were living when the back room was being worked on. So our space was very cramped having the extra stuff up front. So that left me no room to really clean anything! Plus with having them demolishing, sanding, etc. the house just got messy everyday. Instead of driving myself nuts and cleaning everyday, I just decided to wait it out until all was done. This weekend, Gabe moved almost everything back into the room, which means our front room has cleared up a bit-I can see the floors now! So today was vacuum and dusting day and it felt SO GOOD to get it done! When I finished I told Gabe I "felt like a new woman" having the house clean and almost back in order. He just laughed at me! I'm so glad this project is almost done! Next on the list-finishing the nursery!

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Katie said...

Ahh, yes, the nesting phase. I remember feeling like I had to get sooooo much to get done before baby came, knowing darn well I wasn't going to get to any of it for a while -if at all- after baby. True, soooo true! But ya know what, there's a completely different sense of accomplishment once the new little life is in your arms. Love yas!