Thursday, April 23, 2009

Childbirth Class #2

Tonight was class #2. The first hour we watched 2 more videos-both showing active labor and delivery of the baby and placenta. Talk about making you not want to go through it! Haha! The second hour they showed us a few different labor positions and had our coaches practice different massage techniques on us-that of course was fabulous because it felt so good! We learned a few more breathing patterns to try out as well along with the massage stuff. Then we finished with a relaxation session. It wasn't too bad-to be honest, the class goes by very fast. We only have 2 more left! I think next week they're going to talk about medications and all that so that will be interesting!


Molly said...

And how did your husband handle the videos? Do you think he'll be one of those husbands that hits the floor? Just thinking about it makes me crack up...LOL!

Nicole said...

He said he got hot and queasy with the videos-he thinks he'll pass out! haha!