Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Breastfeeding Class

Gabe and I went to our first pre-natal class tonight on breastfeeding. He wasn't sure if he should go, but we were happy he did-pretty much everyone there had their husband/significant other with them so I was glad he was there with me. The class was pretty good. We watched a video and throughout the instructor would pause and go over things and see if anyone had any questions. We learned some positions on holding the baby and got to practice with the dolls they had, so that was good. I know it's going to be a challenging task, but I'm up for trying it out and seeing how things go! I know it'll be demanding at times, but the benefits for Mom and baby are just amazing so it's definitely worth trying. Next week we start our childbirth series-a 2 hour class one night a week for 4 weeks. That'll be interesting-I'm looking forward to learning about all of the fun stuff to come!

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