Thursday, April 30, 2009

Childbirth Class #3

Tonight was our third childbirth class-one more to go! Today they focused mainly on interventions to childbirth. Things like epidurals, medications, instruments they may need to use (forceps, vacuum, etc), and c-sections. It was pretty interesting to learn about all of that stuff. During our breathing/relaxation time, they had us practice breathing when you're told not to push but feel the need to. We also practiced breathing for pushing. Useful? Yes....will I remember it in the moment? Doubt it :) Next week we're taking the tour before class so that'll be nice to see where all of the action will take place!

On another note, my friend Megan went in tonight to get induced! So there should be a baby arriving in the next few days! We're going to Buffalo tomorrow so I'm hoping she has him tomorrow or Saturday so we can go see the new family. How exciting!! And as of tomorrow, I have only 8 weeks left! Wow!!

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