Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Recap

We went to Buffalo over the weekend for our last organized trip there before baby comes. We may end up going sometime again in June, but with the due date only 4 weeks away now, I'm a little paranoid about being an hour and 20mins away from the hospital. So I think if we go again, it might just be for a day trip and not for the whole weekend like usual.

Friday we got in there a little late, had dinner at my Mom's and just relaxed.

Saturday, my friend Megan and I went to Excuria Salon and Spa to treat ourselves to a pedicure. It was wonderful! I haven't had one done since the wedding and my tootsies needed some lovin'! Being pregnant, they've gotten a bit swollen so it felt really good this time. After the pedicure, Gabe and I went over their house to see little Noah since we haven't seen him since our hospital visit. He's very cute and very good! Later, we met my Dad at Rizzo's for dinner. I used to work there a few years ago and haven't been in awhile. It was very good-we ate too much though! After dinner, we just went back to my Mom's and relaxed a bit before bed.

Today we went to a new restaurant called Crazy Jake's for lunch. My Mom's cousin Gail was in town from VA and we haven't seen her since our wedding so we all went out for a lunch today. The food was very good and it's a very nice place. Gabe and I headed home right after lunch. I dropped him off at his Dad's so they could do some running around and wood cutting. I came home and unpacked and went grocery shopping. Now I'm just relaxing a bit before deciding what to tackle (if anything) next. Back to work tomorrow!

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