Monday, May 18, 2009

Car Seats....Check!

Yesterday, Gabe and I took our cars to the Gates Ambulance to get our car seats installed. His sister was very nice and is letting us use her infant car seat along with the 2 car seat bases. One less thing for us to purchase which is great! Since we never installed car seats before, we decided to have the pros do it! We had an appt at 130 in the afternoon and they were done with both cars in under 20 minutes! We each watched them install it in the cars and it was pretty easy! Which is good to know in case we need to take them out for any reason (which I really don't anticipate). So they are officially installed in our cars now! I keep forgetting I have it in there and every time I walk up to my car it catches the corner of my eye and I have that "what is that?" moment, then realize it's the car seat! It'll take awhile to get used to it in there!

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