Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Season Finales

Tis the season for the season finales of our favorite TV shows. An exciting time to see what happens with your shows, but depressing because you know that television in the next few weeks or months is going to stink!

My first big finale was The Amazing Race on Sunday night. The last 3 teams were the former cheerleaders (Cara and Jamie), the brother and sister who are lawyers (Victor and Tammy) and the mother who has a son who is deaf (Margie and Luke). This season, I really didn't LOVE any one team. Usually there's one I like from the get-go and am rooting for, but not this year. No one really impressed me that much. My only thing was that I did NOT want the cheerleaders to win. They drove me crazy. They were very rude to people (especially cab drivers) and just obnoxious. So I didn't want them to win. In the final episode, it looked like Luke and Margie had it in the bag....until they got to the roadblock where Luke had to remember every country/city they had been and what they did there. He got stuck, really stuck...and frustrated, which in the end, made them come in last place! The winners? Tammy and Victor. Go figure, the ones who roll in the dough with their jobs win the 1 million dollars! But, it wasn't the cheerleaders so I was happy!!

My other season finale for this week was The Biggest Loser that was on last night (for THREE hours! Unreal!). The three finalists were Helen, Tara, and Mike (Mike got voted in on the finale by America's votes). Out of the three, I was rooting for Mike. He's only 18 years old and lost a TON of weight and looked great. I wasn't a huge fan of Tara-yes, she had "girl power" and all that, but to be honest, I got sick of her winning stuff so I didn't really want her to win the big prize in the end either. I thought someone else should have the chance to win something. They brought back all of the players that were voted off for the at-home prize. The winner there was Jerry, the 64 year old guy. He lost 54% of his original weight! They all looked great though. So who ended up being the Biggest Loser? Helen! I was shocked-Mike lost by only 4lbs! I was a little bummed, but glad that Tara didn't "take it all".

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