Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Very Busy, But Good Day!

Yesterday I took the day off of work like I mentioned. I wanted to get crackin' on baby stuff so I got up and started digging through my shower things to find anything that needed to be washed-blankets, burp cloths, wash cloths, towels, and clothes. After that I spent about a half hour starting to cut the tags off of everything-my God did that take WAY longer than expected!

I had to interrupt my progress to go to Gabe's workplace-they threw us and another couple a baby shower yesterday! There were maybe 10 people there and they had cheese and crackers and Carvel cake (Gabe's fave) for us. In addition, we got some lovely gifts-an exer-saucer, a pack of diapers, sippy cups, disposable bibs, a 3 pack of sleepers, a halo sleep sack, and a gift card to Wegman's! It was very generous and thoughtful of them. When I got home from the shower, I cut more tags off of things and got a few loads of baby laundry started-mostly sheets, towels, wash cloths, and blankets.

Gabe had a shortened day at work so he was home by 4pm. When he got home, we went to look at a swing. To backtrack, I registered for a swing which shortly after got discontinued. I really wanted this swing because it plugs in instead of using batteries (you can use batteries with it too). The model they replaced it with does not plug in and there are very few, if any swings that plug in, which makes no sense to me. Anyways, we didn't get the swing at either of our showers so I decided for the heck of it to check on craigslist. I found someone on there selling it and asking $100 for it. I emailed her and offered her $75 and she accepted (yay for getting something half price!)! So, when Gabe got home we stopped at his parents house to pick up their larger vehicle then went to check out the swing. It looked pretty much like new so we bought it! I'm so excited!!

After that, we went to Babies R Us to look at a glider and we liked the one that was on sale for 25% off so we ordered that! And we had enough in gift cards from our shower to cover the cost which is great! We also picked up some diapers and onesies while we were there too.

After that, we hit up Target and Sam's club to get some stuff we needed there. Then off to home to unload everything. After unloading, back to his parents house to swap cars again. By this time it was after 8pm and neither of us had really eaten since his baby shower at work! So we were pretty tired and pretty hungry. So off to The Distillery we went for a quick bite. I came home and folded some laundry from the afternoon and we pretty much just relaxed the rest of the night. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be this productive!

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