Thursday, May 7, 2009

Childbirth Class #4

Tonight was our 4th and final childbirthing class. We started with a tour of the labor and delivery area of the hospital-we got to see the birthing rooms and the postpartum rooms. They are all a decent size and look the same really. The one really nice thing is that they are all private rooms! That makes me happy! I know some hospitals have some private rooms and some shared rooms, which, let's be honest, would not be fun. So I'm very happy that they are all private and we'll be all alone taking care of the baby.

After the tour, the last class focused on things after birth-the apgar score, what they do with the baby right after it's born, and what newborns look like the first few days. They went a little into after care-breastfeeding, how they sleep, how to soothe them, etc. It wasn't too bad.

So we are officially done with our classes now! Did we learn anything? I'd say for me it was a refresher-most of the stuff I had already known from reading some books and having friends go through all of this already. For Gabe, it might have been a little more eye opening since it's not them pushing the baby out and carrying it for 10 months! We'll see how helpful it is when it's show time!

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