Monday, June 25, 2012

Avery's Birthday Party!

Saturday we celebrated Avery's birthday....with a party of course!

We were busy bees in the morning getting stuff ready-cleaning the house, making food, and I had to decorate her cake! 

We also had to set up her surprise.....

A bounce house/water slide!!
Now I know you're probablyl thinking we're nuts for getting one right?!  Well, what happened is that my Mom gave us some money and wanted us to buy "something for the girls for outside."  A swingset, etc.  So we asked Avery what she wanted and she said a bounce house.  So that made our decision!  We bought it a few weeks ago, but decided to bring it out and surprise her with it on her party day.

Of course as soon as it got set up, she had to try it out!

Before the festivities started, we got a quick family photo.  She wanted a Minnie Mouse type of party so notice that Avery is wearing the newer style of Minnie and Cassandra is wearing "old school" Minnie colors!

Showing off the dress my Mom got her for the it!

All of our guests arrived and the kids had fun in the bounce house-it was the perfect day for a party...not too hot and wall to wall sunshine! Gorgeous! 

We had a cookout and enjoyed the weather, then came in for her to open gifts:

So excited about her bag of M&M's!

Pretty skirt


New crocs!

Then it was time for cake!  I didn't go crazy on her cake this year mainly because I knew with having 2 kids that my decorating time was going to be limited.  However, I think it came out super cute!
Image ordered here
Avery was very excited about cake!

And clapped along while we sang to her!

We had such a great time at her party! We have so many thoughtful and generous family members and friends! We appreciate everyone coming out and sharing our little big girl's special day!


Joelle said...

Looks like a great party!! I love the bounce house!!!!!

Drew Watts said...

It must have been a fun party! The bounce house is always a great idea for a kid’s birthday party. I have also booked one of the finest Chicago venues for my son’s birthday which is next month. Anyways, it was lovely going through this blog. She is very adorable!