Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Celebration

Today, Avery's daycare did their end of the year Garden Celebration. All of the parents are invited and the kids put on a little show for us.

Cassandra was all ready with her garden attire:
The kids did a little procession out into the playground area then sat all together. 

The toddlers started off with a few songs about the sun and I have to say that Avery sang the loudest!

Then the pre-schoolers did a few songs for us.  At the end, all of the kids got up and did  a dance that they like to do:

When they were done, the director said a few words, handed out some "awards" for the kids graduating to kindergarden, and then we all got to enjoy the food we brought. It was such a cute show-I'll admit, I held back the tears watching my big girl sing!

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